Local Nomad

Self-proclaimed to be inspired by the sound of Paul Simon’s 70’s sound and Gnarl Barkley’s pop construct, Nomad did not lie with that detailed description of his latest project. We just have to see how realistic this description is.

Not only has Jack been compared to Joseph’s early writings, but before the release of twenty one pilots’ third album TRENCH, Jack wrote a snippet song that passed off as a demo for the song Pet Cheetah due to their similar singing voices. Whether that was planned or for fun, he gained listeners and fans, which to me, is nothing but short of iconic.

While touring in 2018, drummer Joe Seaward was cycling and almost died after being hit by a pick up truck in Ireland. While the band had to cancel touring for the rest of that year, these events embroiled the creation of DREAMLAND.

Yes, even if it has been receiving raving reviews from music fans. I was hesitant because with an over-saturation of music in this streaming age, chasing “good” music is now a hobby in itself. But surprises are surprises for a reason.

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