In August 2020, I discovered a small artist I had found on the internet named Jack Gruber. I was impressed with his production and his ability to create meaningful but straightforward lyricism. All with little to no help. After I did a review on two of his singles, he dropped his EP titled HYPERKINESIS.

Well, 2021 is a new year, and along with that comes new ideas and projects. And we all know that music creators never stop thinking of ways to re-invent themselves or create new things they thought they would not in a million years.

So, it was a surprise when Jack Gruber had mentioned that he had formed a band and was going to come out with brand new music. All under the name GENERATION SIMULATION, with fellow drummer Tyler Gescheidle.

I had the honor to ask him a few questions that can tell us more about this step in his musical career, from their new single to how they will face the future.

A quick recap: Jack Gruber is 16 years old singer/songwriter and is very inspired by artists such as twenty-one pilots and half-alive. His solo music is a mix of pop and alternative [think Coldplay] and can play various piano and ukulele instruments.

What first got you into music?

In terms of what got me into music, I had always been fascinated with how different sounds go together. I had really bad ADHD as a young kid, and as I was beginning to approach my middle school years, I realized that I had no ambition or passion for focusing my time on. It became hard for me. I began to write about my problems. I had no idea what to do with these words, these poems. In the place I was living at the time, in Massachusetts, there was an old dusty upright piano in the basement. I would begin to play around with it before; eventually, I had a slight grasp of making things sound good. I started applying my “poems” to these melodies.

I had finally found self-control in something. Something that made me feel more purpose and ambition than I could ever imagine. That very thing was creating music.

Who does the band comprise of?

Generation Simulation comprises of myself and Tyler Gescheidle on the drums. I produce and write all of these songs while Tyler is responsible for percussive elements. We record all music in my studio.

What made you decide to go from solo to a band?

The transition from Jack Gruber Music to Gen-Sim is something I have contemplated for a while. Well, not GenSim specifically but just expanding or rebranding. Sustaining my persona as solo artist would make me almost numb every now and again in terms of feeling the spark of emotion that inspired me to create in the first place. I have also always wanted a drummer but knew that bringing a drummer in would be more than just “Jack Gruber Music” I met Tyler. He was passionate about my music and acted as sort of the leading push factor in my overall decision. It’s time… not to abandon Jack Gruber Music but to evolve it to something bigger.

What can we expect from the new single and future music in terms of sound & lyricism in general from the band?

As of this writing, our debut single, “DOWN,” is out. As the writer and producer, there will not be any major stylistic changes or genre differences to the band. For over a year, I have been working on and promising an album to the fans and the project is simply being moved to Generation Simulation.

Our record will be self-titled and tells a story in which represents a lot of the things I struggle with. We felt as though “DOWN” was a good and lighthearted way to introduce our audience into the world that exists within “Generation Simulation.”

What is your expectation for the future ahead?

As far as the future of Generation Simulation goes, we are really looking forward to playing shows and releasing more singles leading up to the self-titled record. I can confirm that we are unfolding a new era. This style represents a more gritty/emotional side of things. The changes will for sure be noticed in the live shows as we have packed our shows full of theatrics and more engagement with fans in the audience.

And there you have it, exclusive tidbits from the brand new band GENERATION SIMULATION!

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