Violet Temples

If you love dreamy bedroom pop, this track is for you.

Violet Temples is a recent-new solo artist with an EP that came out in 2020 (and a remix of Charli XCX’s track Claws). But his songwriting and simplistic instrumentation for his debut single Haunting will make you want more.

Musically, if chill was a genre, Haunted would be a prime example of such. The instrumental is driven by these soft synths that sound like airy fingertips tapping on a table.

The soft trap hi-hats and kickdrums add detail to the music. While usually trap beats are hard and on-center, Violet Temples equally softens them to maintain focus on both the vocals and instrumentals. Through each chorus and the second verse, we heard these distorted “baby-pitched” vocals that are rather hypnotizing and honestly deserve a solo in a spot on the track.

Temples sings of the feelings and emotions of his past relationship that still lingers around in his everyday living. Alluding it to an actual ghost, his heartaches that these old feelings (or the “phantom”) of a former lover are not going away as fast as it should.

He ponders whether he should wish this phantom away, or make it stay to sulk in the nostalgia (before any pain existed). Yet no matter how hard Temple tries to “wash it away” or tries to move on, he can’t escape this past love. The ghost of his past relationship is literally haunting him, and he is tired.

This track is the epitome of the longing of moving on. Even if you feel that you have moved on from someone or something, there will always be a lingering feeling. No matter how far back you pushed that memory in your brain.

Haunting is definitely a crowd pleaser and a great debut track. If you are a fan of chill pop, low-beat music, or need a song with lyrics that resonate with having the difficulty of letting go,  Haunting is the track just for you. And of course, there is an entire EP to indulge in this soundscape.

Do you agree with my assessment? Do you disagree? Let me know in the comments. Support Violet Temples with the links below, and stream his new single, enemy.


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