Top 4 Albums of 2021

The four albums were chosen where they are not only my favorite listens of the year but these projects show the shift that production and genres are mixing endlessly and that there is a balance between trend/chart chasing and authenticity.

Months leading to the album Ultraviolence, no one expected a rock route until the first single West Coast came out on April 14, 2014.

In August 2020, I discovered a small artist I had found on the internet named Jack Gruber. I was impressed with his production and his ability to create meaningful but straightforward lyricism. All with little to no help. After I did a review on two of his singles, he dropped his EP titled HYPERKINESIS. Well, 2021 is a... Continue Reading →

Retrofuturism is the aesthetics of the era, with nu-disco, pop-funk, house, techno, and Eurodance just being some of the album's influences. The first time I listened through the album, I was doing nothing but jumping for joy at the production and the detailing of vocal effects, sound effects, and alterations of chords. How can a straightforward pop album be so excellent? How can an album that I am listening to for the first time is making me dance already?

What Is Punk Rock? I Think Steal The Day Has The Answer To That. I am not going to lie, it has taken me time to get accustomed to punk and heavy rock. But one day, it clicked with me, it made sense. Emotion is one of the main instruments that people overlook when focusing... Continue Reading →

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